Findlay Launch is a Storefront Accelerator Program, located in the Findlay Market District of Cincinnati, Ohio. This residency-based program allows early-stage food-related businesses crucial mentorship, industry education, and a minimum of nine months in an open, operating storefront.

With an intentional focus on supporting minority, women and immigrant-owned businesses, Findlay Launch aims to build equity and inclusivity in the food industry by launching diverse, supported, and vetted food businesses.

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This Storefront Accelerator program is the first of its kind in our region, with a specific focus on giving real time experience to food-related retail and restaurant concepts. Findlay Launch is designed to provide entrepreneurs the space and support to get to their needed proof of concept more quickly, or to fail fast.

With spaces ranging from full service restaurant to take-out restaurant to food-related retail, Findlay Launch Residents will be afforded a complete immersion in running their dream business in the heart of the Market District.

Findlay Launch residents will find a supported, knowledgeable network to help expedite finding their permanent home post-graduation, further enriching local neighborhoods with businesses that will bring people together over the common connector of food and shared experiences.

Cultivating the next generation of culinary entrepreneurs.