Food Hall Stalls

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Food hall stalls

Projected to open late 2019/early 2020, 1818 Race Street will be a fully built out Food Hall & Bar, with 4 Food Hall Stalls. Each stall is outfitted slightly differently to accommodate a variety of concepts and cooking styles. The bar operator manages and maintains all common front of house and bar space.

These stalls are perfect for concepts whose food

  • pairs well with bar beverages

  • bridges lunch to dinner to late night fare

  • menu is focused, small, and quick to prepare

  • ideally is rooted in ethnic cuisine.

Each stall will have a fully built out kitchen and service counter for customers to easily peruse the menus, order from one or multiple stalls, and enjoy their meals in a convivial and shared atmosphere. The fully built out kitchens may come equipped with the following equipment:

  • Prep Sink

  • Hand Sink

  • Shared Scullery

  • Reach-in Cooler

  • Reach-in Freezer

  • Cold Prep Table

  • Type I Hood

  • Gas Range

  • Flattop Griddle*

  • Convection Oven*

  • Fryer*

  • Charcoal Grill*

*Not all equipment listed will be available at each Food Hall Stall, setups will vary.

The following front of house items are provided:

  • Cash Wrap

  • Menu Board

  • POS System

The following amenities are provided:

  • Shared Food Hall Bathrooms

  • ADA Accessibility

  • Trash Service

  • Recycle Service

  • Compost Service

  • CAM Service

  • WiFi Service

Any additional equipment or furnishings will be provided by the Resident.

In lieu of paying base rent and utilities, Residents will pay a % of sales monthly to the Food Hall & Bar operator.

Any of the above information is subject to change at any time.