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Business Plan & Financials

Having a vision, and a plan for how to achieve it, will set your foundation for success. Working through the process of building your comprehensive business plan and understanding your financial requirements is paramount in starting your entrepreneurial journey. Upon application to become a Resident, you must submit:

  1. Business Plan

  2. Financial Statements

    • Profit & Loss Statement

    • Balance Sheet

    • Tax Returns

    • 3-year Pro Forma

A credit check may be run.

Not this far yet? Here are a couple helpful resources to get you started:

SCORE: Business Plans and Financial Statements

U.S. Small Business Administration: Write Your Business Plan

Food Industry Experience

While you don’t need the experience of being an Executive Chef or having a GM title on your resume, it is crucial that there is relevant experience in the food industry that has prepped you for this Residency.

The ideal candidate has operated a food-related business in some small scale capacity, and is ready to quit their day job to embark upon this life changing Residency.

If you don’t have any experience yet but are passionate and up to the challenge, start your journey today with a membership to Findlay Kitchen, or apply to sell at the Findlay Outdoor Market to take the first steps in your entrepreneurial endeavor.

Your Time & Commitment

Our Residency program is a minimum of nine months in an open, operating storefront, paying market-rate rent and utilities, or a percentage of sales depending on which layout is chosen. Additionally, there is a minimum open hours requirement of 52 hours per week at Findlay Market.

For this Residency program to be the effective, real time experience of owning and operating your own food business, we are looking for applicants that are committed to running this business full time during their Residency.

Additionally, the workshops, mentorship sessions, and check-in meetings are an invaluable part of this program experience, not offered anywhere else.

Are you ready to commit to your future?