Storefront Space

Operating a food business without a consistent home can prove challenging from many perspectives, but through our Residency program, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to lessen the learning curves with minimal risk:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the steep transition from operating part-time to full-time in a short-term lease.

  • Discover how your operations and setup in your own space impacts your ability to grow and scale.

  • Communicate clearly your consistent location and hours, minimizing missed opportunities.

  • Ability to grow a customer base and retain consistent staff.

  • Choose one of three concept layouts that best fits your business needs and prepares you for the future.

Business Support

We are only as good as the team we surround ourselves with, and there was never an industry where this proves more true. Our Residents will be able to apply the business knowledge gained in real-time and will graduate with a full scope of what it takes to be successful, with the following support.

  • Veteran food entrepreneurs will share their successes and failures, advice and experience.

  • Vetted mentors custom paired with each Resident

  • One-on-one meetings set up with developers and agents to find a permanent home post-graduation.

  • Workshops and classes, taught by industry Subject Matter Experts.

Location, Location, Location

Being at the epicenter of the Findlay Market District will allow our Residents to quickly amass a large customer following unlike any location in the city, capturing the hearts and stomachs of locals and tourists alike, and converting them into brand advocates.

  • 1.2 MM+ visitors annually

  • 4th most visited destination in Cincinnati

  • Vibrant community filled with small business owners

  • Strong customer support enables transition to a neighborhood community post-Residency with a built-in demand in your permanent home

Operating Equipment

Outfitting your space with the basics needed to operate a food-related venture is a significant investment, so we are taking some of the pressure off by investing ourselves. Each space will be uniquely outfitted to accommodate 3 different concept types:

Back of house kitchen equipment provided will change per layout, depending on the business needs. Most will include a type I hood, ovens, ranges, and fryers. For full details, visit the individual pages linked above.

Front of house necessities like a POS system, menu board, and cash wrap will be furnished as well. Any specialty or additional equipment and/or aesthetic items will be the responsibility of each Resident to make the space their own.


Leveraging the reach and talk value of Findlay Market, our Residents will be afforded a Findlay Market Press Release upon opening, to all major news outlets in the city. Additional support will be offered in developing out a communications plan in conjunction with Findlay Market’s Director of Communications.

Residents will be included on the Findlay Launch website, as well as the Findlay Market website and map of vendors. Additionally, Residents will be included in all Findlay Market Events and Promotions held during their residency.